Elizabeth Mansfield (1856 - 1902)

Born: March 1, 1856. Fussa, Co. Kerry, Ireland1
Baptised: March 21, 1856. Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry, Ireland1
Died: September 12, 1902. Killorglin, Co. Kerry, Ireland2
Married: Edward Griffin (1834 - c1916)
Father: Joseph Mansfield (b. c1817)
Mother: Margaret Harman (1817 - 1911)
      John Harman Mansfield (1844 - 1907)
      Marianne Mansfield (c1845 - c1952)
      Joseph Mansfield (c1847 - c1848)
      Thomas Mansfield (b. c1848)
      Margaret Mansfield (b. c1849)
      Rachel Mansfield (c1852 - c1953)
      Marianne Mansfield (b. c1854)
      Catherine Mansfield (b. c1859)
      Rebecca Mansfield (b. c1861)
      John Joseph (Jack) Griffin (1881 - 1926)
      Margaret Catherine (Madge) Griffin (1882 - c1954)
      George Griffin (1885 - c1885)
      Edward Blake (Ned) Griffin (1886 - 1958)
Elizabeth Mansfield
Elizabeth Mansfield
George Griffin to great-grandparents
George Griffin to great-grandparents Parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of George Mansfield Griffin. Agnew, Hall, Mansfield, Harman, Blake. Click on the links in the tree for more information.


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