John Cathcart Lees (1777 - 1858)

Born: October 21, 17771
Died: September 18581
Married: Mary Shaw February 4, 18001
Father: Sir John Lees (c1737 - 1811)
Mother: Mary Cathcart
      Charlotte Lees
      Rev. Sir Harcourt Lees (1776 - 1852)
      Townshend Lees (b. 1779)
      Sir Edward Smith Lees (1783 - 1846)
      William Eden Lees (1784 - 1856)
      Thomas Orde Lees (b. 1788)
      Eliza Lees
      Mary Jane Lees
      Cathcart Lees (26 February 1811 to 16 December 1861)
John Cathcart Lees was a practising barrister. His brother, Rev. Sir Harcourt Lees (1776 - 1852), was a protestant evangelical notorious for his anti-catholic views. John Cathcart Lees, converted to Roman Catholicism2, whether due to deep religious conviction or to annoy his elder brother, we can only speculate. In 1800 he married Mary Shaw, daughter of Robert Shaw and Mary Higgins1.


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