Hugh Agnew (b. c1853)

Born: c1853. Co. Monaghan, Ireland1,2,3
Married: Jane Hall 1876. 2nd Presbyterian Church, Drum, Parish of Currin, Co. Monaghan, Ireland3,4
Father: Andrew Agnew (c1807 - 1884)
      James Agnew
      David Agnew
      John Agnew
      Mary Jane Agnew (1886 - 1951)
      Rebecca Agnew
      Hugh Andrew Agnew
      Isabella Agnew
      George William Agnew
George Griffin to great-grandparents
George Griffin to great-grandparents Parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of George Mansfield Griffin. Agnew, Hall, Mansfield, Harman, Blake. Click on the links in the tree for more information.
Hugh and Jane married just before Christmas in 1876 in the Presbyterian Church, Drum, Co Monaghan. Drum is a village notable for being the only Protestant-majority settlement in the Republic of Ireland4. Hugh was living at Crussan and Jane at Tullyalt. Their fathers (Andrew Agnew and John Hall) are both recorded as farmers. Also present at the wedding were the witnesses, John Agnew and Elizabeth Hall. According to the the 1901 census1, they had eight children ranging in age from 6 to 22. At this time, all the family members give their religion as Church of Ireland.


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