Will (1752) of Mary Helden wife of John Helden Will of Mary Helden of Egham, Surrey, dated 23 September 1752. To my sister Mrs. Deborah Batt L 200 and L 50 to be distributed to the poor. To my kinsman Rev. William Netcutt and his wife L 20 with further bequests to his children and his son-in-law Mr. Barnard, and to his sisters. To my brother Mr. Cornelius Helden L L100 and L50 each to my nephew John Helden; to his son Cornelius Helden; to my nieces Sarah Bendal and Mary MC Connel; to my kinswoman Mrs. Mary Chadwell and her daughter Mrs. Mary Walker. Ten guineas to the daughter of Mr. Samuel Troughton. L 50 each to Mrs. Elizabeth Harison and to Hannah Chies. To Susannah Read a Malata woman at St. Christopher's and the proceeds of L100 for her life, and then to be shared between her children. I have L400 of my brother Helden's money. To my sister Deborah Batt my mortgage on Staines Bridge for life, then to my daughter Foster for life, and then to be shared by her children. To my kinswoman Mrs. Elizabeth Brice at Carolina L10 a year for life. One sixth part of a plantation now rented to a M. Joanis Clifton in Nevis may come to me at the death of Mrs. Sophia Snow and this I leave in trust to the use of John Helden Hurt who is also to have all the land I rent to Sommers Payne, Esq., Trustees: Sir Edward Hawke and Mr. Jonathan Perrie. Reference to late will of my husband John Helden. Executrix my daughter Mary Foster. Witnessed Sarah Marriott, Mary Ward, John Ward. Proved 16 January 1753 by Mary Foster, wife of Thomas Foster, Esq. on 23 May 1780 administration of estate unadministered was granted to George Netcutt, a son of William Netcutt. (PRO:PCC 15/1753)