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Birth certificate (birth) Griffin, Edward Blake
Birth certificate (birth) Kelly, Gertrude Blanche
Birth certificate (birth) Griffin, George Mansfield
Birth certificate (birth) Hearne, Laurence
Baptism record (baptism) Griffin, John Joseph
Baptism record (baptism) Griffin, Edward
Baptism record (baptism) Griffin, Edward Blake
Baptism record (baptism) Mansfield, Elizabeth
Baptism record (baptism) Griffin, George
Griffin Kelly wedding (marriage)
Marriage certificate (marriage) Griffin, John Joseph and Glass, Mary
Marriage certificate (marriage) Griffin, Edward and Mansfield, Elizabeth
Marriage certificate (marriage) Griffin, Edward Blake and Agnew, Mary Jane
Marriage certificate (marriage) Griffin, George Mansfield and Kelly, Gertrude Blanche
Death certificate (death) Griffin, John Joseph
Death record (death) Mansfield, Elizabeth
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The records of the Chief Secretary of Ireland's Office (document) National Archives, Ireland
Slave owners compensation claim (UCL Archives) (document) Claim details for Heldens Etate on St Kitts (125 slaves)
Lease of plantation and will of Mary Helden (document) Supporting document to: Inhuman traffic: background to the slave trade
Purchase by John Helden of Negro's Nest on the island of St Kitts (document) Warrants, Letters, etc. 1720, January-June in Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 1, 1729-1730, ed. William A Shaw (London, 1897) pp. 503-524. May 6, 1730 Warrant from the Lords of the ...
Gravestone and will of John Helden (document) from: Caribbeana: Being Miscellaneous Papers Relating to the History, Genealogy, Topography, and Antiquities of the British West Indies. Will of John Helden of St. Kitts (St. Christophers) and Egham, ...
Will (1752) of Mary Helden wife of John Helden (document) Will of Mary Helden of Egham, Surrey, dated 23 September 1752. To my sister Mrs. Deborah Batt L 200 and L 50 to be distributed to the poor. To my kinsman Rev. William Netcutt and his wife L 20 with ...
Grave (grave) Griffin, John Joseph. Old Roebourne Cemetery, Western Australia
Grave (grave) Glass, Mary. Old Onslow Cemetery, Western Australia
Marriage of Philippa of Hainault (memorial) Plaque in York Minster
Marriage of Edward III (memorial) Plaque in York Minster
Death notice of Edward Lees (newspaper) The Cork Examiner, 3 Dec 1862
Mary Jane Agnew (person)
John Joseph Griffin (person)
Mary Glass (person)
Elizabeth Mansfield (person)
Edward Blake Griffin (person)
Sir John Lees (person) Boris Wilnitsky gallery
Mary Cathcart (person) Wife of Sir John Lees
Sir John Lees (person) by the artist Gilbert Stuart
Rev. Sir Harcourt Lees (person) (1776 - 1852)
Edward III (person) Tomb effigy from Westminster Abbey
Philippa of Hainault (person) Tomb effigy from Westminster Abbey
Edward III (person) as depicted in the 16th century
Philippa of Hainault (person) Portrait by Thomas Murray (1710)
Thomas Western (person) by Charles Jervas
Lees family tree (Sir John Lees to Harcourt Lees) (tree) (click image to enlarge)
Plantagenet family tree (Edward III to the Lees family) (tree) (click image to enlarge)
Plantagenet family tree (Edward III to Jane Calvert) (tree) from: The Plantagenet Roll of the Blood Royal (The Isabel of Essex Volume) The Genealogical Publishing Co. Ltd. London (click image to enlarge)
Plantagenet family tree (Annie Littleton to Jane Calvert) (tree) from: The Plantagenet Roll of the Blood Royal (The Isabel of Essex Volume) The Genealogical Publishing Co. Ltd. London (click image to enlarge)
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