John Joseph Griffin: The Life and Times of an Irish Emigrant

Author: Hugh George Griffin
Publisher: Savanna Press
Pages: xiv + 124
Publication date: March 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9571229-0-1
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This is the true story of an Irish emigrant. Set in the early twentieth century and told in the context of the historical events of the period, the book covers the emigrant's voyage to Australia, his life on a sheep station and his return to Europe to fight in the First World War.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries many millions of Irish people left their homeland in search of a better life overseas. This is the true story of one emigrant, John Joseph (Jack) Griffin who, in the year 1900, left his job as a shop assistant in Co. Kerry and embarked on a two-month journey by sea to the other side of the world. He settled in Western Australia and having worked as a drover for a number of years finally became the owner of a 200,000 acre sheep station. In 1909 he married Mary Glass, an immigrant from Northern Ireland. Following the untimely death of his wife Jack enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force and fought in the battlefields of France during World War I. He was wounded in action in 1916 and returned to Western Australia where he lived until his death in 1926.

Table of contents

* Pictures and Records
* Abbreviations
* Glossary of Terms
* Timeline
* Acknowledgements

Chapter 1: Ireland
* Kerry in 19th Century
* The Griffins of Killorglin
* The Mansfields
* Irish Emigration
* References
* Recommended Reading

Chapter 2: Journey to Australia
* Jack's Passage to Australia (1900)
* The Suez Canal
* The Boer War
* The SS Duke of Norfolk (1889-1914)

Chapter 3: Life in Australia
* Arrival in Australia
* The Purchase of Maroonah Station
* Jack's Marriage
* Mary Griffin née Glass
* The Loss of Maroonah

Chapter 4: World War I
* World War I
* 1st Australian Imperial Force (AIF)
* Enlistment in the AIF
* HMAT A38 Ulysses
* Arrival in Alexandria
* Tel el Kebir Camp
* The 51st Battalion
* Battle of the Somme
* The Battle of Mouquet Farm

Chapter 5: Return to Australia
* Killed in Action?
* Wounded in Action
* No. 2 Australian Command Depot Weymouth
* Photograph
* The Final Days


* Appendix I. Service Record
* Appendix II. People
* Appendix III. Ships
* Appendix IV. Wars and Battles


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