Going to the Barber in Spain

Going to the barber in Spain can be stressful, after all it is sometimes difficult enough to explain in your own language exactly the style of cut you require; now you have to do it in Spanish. If you just need a trim (un recorte) or a simple haircut (corte de pelo) you should not have too many problems. The first job is to find a barber. A man's barbershop in Spain is usually called a peluquería; the same word is also used for a lady's or unisex hairdresser. A barber is usually referred to as a peluquero (hairdresser); although the word barbero exists in Spanish it is not used as much. Determining if a peluquería is the right one for you is a matter of checking the price list that is displayed in the window and looking for hombres (men) or caballeros (gents). Also of course a glance inside the shop will usually give a clue. You just come in and wait your turn, however for some barbers you may need an appointment (cita).

For a simple haircut you have a choice of corte con tijeras (scissors cut) or corte con máquina (machine hair clippers). If you ask for a máquina you will be asked qué número (what number). Be warned, the numbers do not necessarily correspond exactly with the numbers in the UK, for example a number 2 cut in Spain is a slightly closer crop than in the UK. If you want something more complicated prepare your words in advance.


pelo: hair
peluquería: hairdresser shop or barber shop
peluquero: hairdresser, barber
barbero: barber
esteticista: beautician
un recorte: a trim
corte de pelo: haircut
corte con tijeras: scissors cut
corte con máquina; machine hair clippers
pelo rapado, corte al zero: crew cut
máquina de cortar el cabello, cortapelos: hair clippers
brush: cepillo
comb: peineta
scissors: tijeras
cita: appointment
quiero cortarme el pelo: I would like my hair cut
quiero un recorte: I want a trim
cortarse el pelo: to get a haircut
largo: long
corto: short
dejarlo parejo: even it out
patillas: sideburns
barba: beard
bigote: mustache
quiero que me laves y me seques el pelo: wash and dry
ponga un poco de gel: put on some gel
rizos: curls
un poco rizado: a little curly
no demasiado corto: not too short:
corto por los lados y de atras: short round the back and sides
más largo en la parte de ariba: longer on top
está bien así: is it OK like that
sí, está bien así: yes, it's fine like that
chasquilla/flequillo: bangs
escalonado con capas: stepped in layers
capas largas: long layers:
entresacado: thinned
alisado: straightened
rizado: curled/curly
con mucho volumen: with a lot of body
la parte de atrás: the back of my hair:
orejas: ears
barbilla: chin
hombros: shoulders
clavículas: collarbones
cuero cabelludo: scalp
cuello: neck
nuca: nape of neck
partidura, raya: parting (where you part your hair)
lavar: wash
secar: dry
acondicionador/balsamo: conditioner
abrillantador: gloss/shine
mousse/espuma: mousse
fijador: hairspray
reflejos: highlights
mechas: streaks
teñir: to dye
tinte para el pelo: hair dye
remolino: cowlick
pelo seco/resecado: dry hair
pelo graso: greasy hair
puntas florecidas/abiertas: split ends
caspa: dandruff