Buying Furniture in Spain

When buying new furniture in Spain you can go to the larger furniture or DIY stores such as Ikea or Leroy Merlin where you will find a selection of lower priced, basic furniture. This is usually sold as flat-pack for home assembly. These shops tend to be out-of-town often in retail parks or estates (polígonos) so you really need a car. Larger supermarkets, hipermercados, will have a few items of furniture. Carrefour for examples sells various bedroom furniture, patio furniture, desks, etc.

The alternative is to use the smaller furniture shops located in or near the town centre. These are often specialised, for example one may specialise in beds while another might just sell sofas. The quality of the furniture is usually good and is often sold ready assembled (montado). The price of the furniture will be higher than in the larger chains. These shops will offer a delivery service; often this is free if you spend over a certain amount (varies from shop to shop) otherwise expect to pay around 10 to 20 euros for local delivery. If the item you choose is in stock they should be able to deliver it to your home within a few days. If you live in an apartment they will bring it up in the lift to your apartment.

Second-hand furniture is not widely available in Spain as it is in the UK. There are very few charity shops where you would be able to pick up reasonable quality second-hand furniture. In areas where there is a high concentration of ex-pats you might be able to find some second-hand furniture.