Going to the Optician in Spain

If you need to go to the optician in Spain you will need to know your Spanish alphabet very well. During the eye test you will be asked to read out lines of letters and if you do not pronounce them in the Spanish way you may end up with stronger glasses than you need! For example the letter "i" in Spanish is pronounced in the same way as the letter "e" is pronounced in English; this can result in the optician believing that you are misreading the chart when in fact you are mispronouncing the letters. You will also need to know your numbers and your colours. Learn your alphabet, colours and numbers and you should have no problems doing an eye test in Spanish.

Most opticians in Spain offer a free eye test. If you need stronger glasses, you will be expected to buy your glasses or lenses from the optician that performed the test; you will not receive a free prescription so you can buy your glasses on the internet or from another optician. Expect to wait two weeks for your glasses to be ready.

In Spain you will find traditional local opticians and also branches of chains of low-cost opticians such as MasVisión. The choice is yours. In areas of Spain where there is a large ex-pat community you may find opticians who speak English. Always make clear in advance with your optician whether you will read the eye chart using Spanish or English pronounciation.


ópticas: opticians (e.g. MasVisión)
el óptico: optician
ojo: optician
examen de la vista: eye test
examen oftalmológico: eye test
evaluación óptica: eye test
revisión ocular: eye test
revisión de la vista: eye test
lente: lens
cristales: lenses
lentillas: contact lenses
lente de contacto: contact lens
gafas: glasses
monofocales: monofocal lenses
progresivos: progressive lenses, varifocals
gafas graduadas: progressive, varifocal or multifocal glasses
polarizado: polarized
fotocromáticos: photochromic lenses (adjust to light/dark)
antirreflejante: anti-glare
miopía: shortsighted, nearsighted
hipermetropía: longsighted, farsighted
marco: frame
montura: frame
graduación: prescription
barbilla: chin
foróptero: eye test instrument
daltonismo: colorblindness
por favor siéntese en la silla: please sit in the chair.
lea en voz alta la línea más pequeña de letras: read aloud the smallest line
lea la siguiente línea de letras más grandes: read the next biggest line
¿puede leer la siguiente línea de letras más pequeñas?: can you read the next smallest line?
¿es su visión más clara con el lente A o con el B?: is your vision clearer with lens A or B?
yo le examinaré el ojo derecho: I will test your right eye
ponga su barbilla en la almohadilla: Place your chin on the pad
no parpadee: Do not blink
póngase los marcos de prueba: put on the trial frame
le haré un examen de glaucoma: I will test your eyes for glaucoma
quédese quieto mientras alumbro con esta luz su ojo: Stay still while I shine this light in your eye
¿qué número ve?: what number do you see ?