Using Amazon in Spain

There are two ways to buy stuff on Amazon and have it delivered to you in Spain. You can either use your (or account and have them send it to your address in Spain. Or you can use the website.

Simply add a new delivery address (your address in Spain) to your account and select this address when you go to check out. To set up a new address go to "Your account" then "Manage Address Book". You will notice that the delivery cost for your Spain address will be considerably more compared with your UK address. Also, if you have Amazon Prime associated with your account, it will not be available for shipment to Spain. However, in my experience the range of goods available at is larger that that available at

Set up an account at My advice is to use the same username and password as for your Then the two accounts are linked. For example, the delivery addresses set up on one account are synced with the other. Note however that your order histories are kept separate. You will find that shopping on the account will result in lower delivery costs when shipping to your Spanish address. Amazon Prime (Premium) is available on but will only be associated with your account; you will need to pay twice if you want Amazon Prime on both accounts.

Lista de Correos

It is a good idea to add your Lista de Correos address to your amazon delivery addresses as well as adding your home address in Spain. You can do this on your and it should automatically appear in your address book on provided you have used the same username and password for both accounts. Then you can choose whether you want to collect your amazon stuff at a post office (Correos) or have it delivered to your home address in Spain.

Courier companies cannot normally deliver to a Lista de Correos address; so if Amazon use a courier (they often do in Spain) then your package will be held for you at the local office of the courier company. Amazon Marketplace sellers will often send goods via regular mail so the Lista de Correos address works fine in this case.

MRW attempted to deliver a parcel

If you get an email from Amazon to the effect "MRW have informed us that they have attempted to deliver a parcel from your Amazon order 123-etc-etc but have not been able to complete the delivery as you were not at home", do not worry! MRW a delivery company used by Amazon to deliver orders in Spain. You can rearrange delivery or arrange to collect your parcel at your local MRW office or post office. In this case be sure to take along a form of identification as well as your tracking reference. Note: Your tracking reference is NOT the same as your Amazon order number.

If you ordered from the message will be in Spanish "MRW nos ha informado de que han intentado la entrega de un paquete relacionado con tu pedido Amazon xxx-xxx-xxx pero que no ha sido posible debido a que no te encontrabas en tu domicilio. MRW debería haber dejado una notificación de entrega fallida con el número de teléfono donde puedes contactarles para solicitar el reenvío del paquete. Si lo deseas, puedes recoger tu paquete en tu oficina local de distribución. Por favor asegúrate de llevar contigo una prueba de identificación, así como tu número de seguimiento: xxxxxxxx Si no hubieras recibido dicha notificación de entrega, por favor ponte en contacto con MRW para solicitar un nuevo intento de entrega o para recoger tu paquete."

This email is simply telling you that you were not at home when they tried to deliver your package and they have left you a card. You can call the number on the card (or the number given below) to rearrange delivery or pick up your package from your local MRW office (do not forget to bring ID and the tracking number).

You can phone MRW at +34 902 500 850 (or at 0 800 007 760 from within Spain) where you will find an operator able to speak English as well as Spanish, Portugese and French). You can also find the address of your local MRW office on their website


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