Thomas Orde Lees (b. 1788)

Born: June 30, 1788
Father: Sir John Lees (c1737 - 1811)
Mother: Mary Cathcart
      Charlotte Lees
      Rev. Sir Harcourt Lees (1776 - 1852)
      John Cathcart Lees (1777 - 1858)
      Townshend Lees (b. 1779)
      Sir Edward Smith Lees (1783 - 1846)
      William Eden Lees (1784 - 1856)
Thomas Orde Lees (b. 1788) was hired as Senoir Clerk in the Dublin Post Office by his brother Sir Edward Smith Lees (1783 - 1846) and within a year was promoted to Chief Clerk1. He also had an additional income to superintend the port of Wexford1. Thomas Lees wrote in support of his brother Edward when the latter was accused of maladministration2. read more


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