Edward Lees (1814 - 1862)

Born: March 17, 18141
Died: November 30, 1862. Merville, Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland1,2
Married: Mary Harriet Western August 18, 1840. Dublin, Ireland1
Father: William Eden Lees (1784 - 1856)
Mother: Sophia Cornelia Helden (d. 1869)
      John Lees (1813 - 1864)
      and four others
      Anna Gifford Lees (d. 1927)
      Emily Mary Armit Lees
      Harcourt Lees (1843 - 1938)
Edward Lees (1814 - 1862) was employed as a chief clerk with the Dublin Metropolitan Police (A. Police Court) in 1861 with a salary of 260 pounds3. At the time of his death he may have been working as a chief clerk in the Head Police-office, Dublin Castle, Ireland2. The Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) was the police force of Dublin, Ireland, from 1836 to 1925, when it was amalgamated into the new Garda Síochána. In 1836, the county constabularies were merged into a new centralised Constabulary of Ireland. In the same year, police office was established in Dublin, supported by two salaried justices, to administer the police force which would be under the direction of the Chief Secretary for Ireland. The DMP was modelled closely on London's Metropolitan Police.


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