Edward III (1312 - 1377)

Born: November 13, 1312
Died: June 21, 1377
Married: Philippa Hainault (1314 - 1369) January 24, 1328. York Minster, York, England
Father: Edward II
Mother: Isabella of France
      Lionel of Antwerp 1st Duke of Clarence
      Edmund of Langley 1st Duke of York
      and 11 others
Edward III
Edward III Tomb effigy from Westminster Abbey
Edward III
Edward III as depicted in the 16th century
Marriage of Edward III
Marriage of Edward III Plaque in York Minster
Edward III (1312 - 1377) became king in 1327; he also assumed the title of King of France, based on his mother's link to the French royal household. This precipitated a war with France that lasted intermittently for over a century and would become known as the Hundred Years War. Much of Edward's time was taken up with fighting in France, pursuing his claim to the French throne. After initial victories that culminated in the Treaty of Bretigny in 1360, further battles resulted in the loss of much of the territory that had been gained by Edward.

This period was also noted for the arrival of the Black Death, one of the most serious plagues in history.

Edward brought about reforms in Parliament and created the Order of the Garter, regarded as the most prestigious British order of chivalry.

He died in 1377 and his young grandson Richard became king (Richard II).